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Discover the campsite La Bergerie in pictures

Our selection of photos The campsite and the surrounding area ...

We present the campsite La Bergerie Plage in Hyères with our selection of photos.
Discover the campsite and its restaurant but also the beach of La Bergerie, the Badine and the surroundings in picture before your departure on vacation.
Imagine already on the terrace of your mobile home to appreciate the softness of the Mediterranean sun, or on the sandy beach of La Bergerie located only 200m from the campsite.

  • chemin plage
  • RETP1070064 (Large)
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  • RETP1070033 (Large)
  • RETP1070059 (Large)
  • RETP1070042 (Large)
  • RETP1070040 (Large)
  • location de vacances la bergerie
  • plage de giens
  • port du niel
  • flamants
  • RETP1070027 (Large)
  • © Sarah Graziani (Large)
  • DSCF2198 (Large)
  • 1920xP1070081
  • 1920xP1070079
  • DSCF2312 (Large)
  • DSCF2329 (Large)
  • DSCF2216 (Large)
  • P1030829 (Large)
  • P1060076 (Large)
  • P1050048x3024 (Large)
  • P1060179 (Large)
  • P1060114 (Large)
  • P1060264 (Large)
  • plage badine 1 (Large)
  • RETP1070067 (Large)
  • RETP1070071 (Large)
  • RETP1070056 (Large)
  • RETP1070037 (Large)
  • RETP1070045 (Large)
  • RETP1070050 (Large)
  • RETP1070054 (Large)
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