La Bergerie Plage **** : Partners : ANCV

The camping La Bergerie Plage is a member of the FNHPA. We accept as payment the ANCV holiday vouchers.



The Camping La Bergerie Plage agrees to settle the payment of your stay by means of ANCV holidays vouchers.

The holiday voucher allows you to pay your holiday and leisure expenses at lower cost among tourism and leisure professionals.

Accommodation, restaurants, travel & transport, culture, leisure (...) the holiday voucher accompanies you in all your projects

More holiday and spare-time

Established in 1982 to allow the majority to go on holiday, the holiday voucher is accessible to all, in the companies that offer them but also in family allowance funds, community centers for social action or pension funds. The holyday vouchers are set up by the company, the works council or social works committee that give them to their employees by taking over part of the cost.

A recognized and recognizable sesame

The holiday voucher offers considerable freedom of use as its range is wide. Transport, accommodation, cultural and sporting activities, restaurants...; the holiday voucher makes it possible to benefit from all these services from nearly 170 000 reception points in France (including overseas), for services in France or in the member countries of the European Union. It can be used among the experts of tourism, travel, leisure and culture who have signed an agreement with ANCV. On site, these establishments are reported : "Welcome to holiday vouchers !"

An instrument of solidarity

The holiday voucher is within the scope of the ANCV social policy that wants to offer holidays for everybody to fight against all forms of exclusion. The surplus generated by their marketing managements are redistributed to the benefit of the aid, initially on holiday, for disadvantaged groups (single-parent families, elderly and disabled persons, precarious youth, etc.).


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